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Pásztorné Éva,the embroidery and lacework artist

How old were you when first time the idea of being an artist came up ?

I can not tell it .It was a long process . I have always loved doing craftwork as a hobby it made me relaxed .And telling the truth even nowadays I do not consider myself an Artist in the true sense of the word .I tend to call Artist my predecessor, those women who developped this richelieu style lacework 50 -60 years ago .I am just following their footsteps when I work preserving their traditions .There are thousands of old samples I have collected over the past few years, and from these antiques I design the newer , pieces that fit into a XXI. century environment. I create using those motifs and that is how I am recognised as a " folk artist of the applied art"

My hobby turned into a more concious activity by the time -it is a long proccess - as hobby means that we create things just for our pleasure .I am open for the others with my artwork when I participate in exhibitions and I am trying to promote my tiny boutique and my art ...

Could you tell us about what kind of floral art you do ?

The Hungarian folk art style vary according to regions . I specialized in the richelieu style lacework of Kalocsa area . This style was first characterized by white embroidered floral motifs surrounded by white lacework .Villagers of the area used to decorate their everyday textile objects by those motifs .You know they embroidered their hankies ,table clothes ,bed covers ,pillows ,curtains and their Sunday best . Later when folk dance groups were formed from villagers to entertain soldiers at their military stations during WWII those white embroidered flowers became colorful and big to get a more striking view on stage . That is when those motifs turned into the shapes that we call kalocsai style nowadays .

But I do the embroidery of other floral motifs as well . Virtually any, hand-drawn flowers can be embroidered even the ones in more realistic style .

Who inspired or taught you ?

My master was Auntie Szabo( officially Szabo Imrene) who herself is a master of folk art . She was the one who helped me on my way from being a hobby artist to be a more concious one .She regarded me as her disciple and taught me the practice and theory of her art as she kept telling "so far you have just followed your own head". She was the one who ecouraged me to get my pieces of art juried. This way the uniqueness of those pieces were recognised officially .

How often do you create ?

This is a good question, and rather ambiguous. Since this is my main occupation, I would say to this question : constantly and continuously. I do create even when I do comissioned artwork since they are all unique challenges ...

But the time for the great creation when I am trying to create something absolute original and unrepeatable is less and less . I feel very much inspired when I am invited to a prestigious art exhibition . Then I feel I must prepare for that . I do not neglect this type of creation either .I do not ignore my ideas, which are born in my head ...I would realize them sooner or later ...

Which were the best moments for you so far as an artist ?

There are plenty of them . I enjoy very much those moments when at festivals I display the way of creation . It means that I am creating there live at those craftwork demonstrations. Then people can see that my items are not mass products and I feel their admiration . Being recognised this way almost instantly is really uplifting .
There were other moments when we are touched .There was a kitchen wall cloth exhibition and at the opening ceremony the speech was on how those items evoke the atmosphere of our grandmothers kitchen .We all were in tears ..

Which were the worst ones ?

When one does things that she really enjoys there are no bad moments at all .All moments are great .I would rather say there are momentary setbacks of my professional life . It happened that I created something and I was very much satisfied with then "this perfect item" was rejected by the jury or was not displayed at the exhibition due to some errors in the composition or the coloring . But I do not let that things like that would eat me ... It is disliked by one jury and later it is liked by others ....

What advice would you give to other  artist who is just starting out?

There is a hidden little artist in everyone. You have to look for that one in yourself patiently .You have to find the field where your talent could be developped (be it crafts, music, literature, etc.)... There is no need to be obsessed with the succes is enough if we find pleasure in the creation itself... then our joy will radiate from the created items and will be noticed by others .. then the succes will come ...

I would describe my activities as an artist with three words :
thread ,needle , heart ....

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