Monday, February 20, 2012

kalocsai floral art pillow

hungarian flowers throwpillow
hungarian flowers by almawad
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  Kalocsai floral motifs, the ingenious vintage throw pillow displayed above was created by a very gifted Zazzle seller named almawad.
Made using high-tech processes, this fully customizable Zazzle throw pillow is sure to look fabulous featuring almawad’s Hungarian flowers image, because it has the perfect surface for printing . It will look cool and will undoubtedly make this artist's Hungarian flowers image a favorite addition to your home.

South Hungarian floral folk art motifs radiating joy and passion .Exciting piece of art with stylized blooming flowers .Colorful tulips ,acacia blossoms against dark blue in rustic style .Decorative ethnic art for her . Especially great for moms with Hungarian heritage .

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