Sunday, November 4, 2012

Interview with a Floral Art Boutique - Mintapalinta

Hungarian folk art motifs are very trendy nowadays . I was browsing the Etsy looking for Hungarian themed art when I came across this wonderful little shop Minta Palinta . I am fascinated by the art made by the artist Valeria Toth and by the well organized team around her . Her daughters are arranging everything about the business while mom is creating .One of them answered my questions here .

How old were you when first time the idea of being an artist came up?

 Mintapalinta’ team is a small family business. It was formed by two daughters and their mother in 2011. The mother, Valéria Tóth - who prepares the hand-painted pendants - was working as an Art teacher for more than 35 years and she always adored handcraft work and folk art. Besides her job she used to create hand-painted glass, oil paintings, graphics, and more. (For more information please check We decided to start the Mintapalinta site by creating jewellery, as their creation demands shorter period of time and are easy-to-ship, not like pieces of furniture or huge vases for example. We did not wish to create a webshop only, our goal was to operate a platform that can show some of the origins of the Eastern-European folk style. During the seventies and the eighties she decorated several items with these embroidery motives, like the dining room furniture decorated with ”matyó” motives (Hungarian folk motives from the region of Mezőkövesd) that stands in family home (can be found on the above website), interior decors like hand-painted plates, spoon holders, or mirrors. Beyond these she produced the first pieces of her jewellery: pendants with “matyó” decoration and the well-known motives from Kalocsa. 

Could you tell us about what kind of floral art you do? 

Mintapalinta, the name is a mixture of the words ”motif” and ”swing”, by this we wished to allude to the richness of Hungarian folk art traditions. With the help of this we have a really huge freedom to produce such pendants which are decorated with traditional motives but can be modern at the same time. The different colours, shapes and motives give several variations of design and provide us a wonderful game while designing.

Who inspired or taught your mother?

Folk art was always an important inspiration for her. By the advantages of the internet we wished to show her art (both on the Hungarian website and Etsy / the best known international on-line shop for artists) and finally established such platform that transmits Hungarian traditions in a new form and fits the requirements of modern ages.

How often does she create?

Always, when she has free time and inspiration. Our mother can luckily say that her job is her hobby at the same time. During our childhood we could hardly see her watching TV, rather painting something while listening music:-).

How long does it take to prepare a pendant?

This is one of the questions that is really often asked but we cannot give the answer. She is creating more items at one time, redesign pieces many times and it takes a longer time while a necklace is ready. After painting it is my sister Vali, who supplies the cord and the strap then takes photos of the product. My task is to manage participation in fairs, social media presence, sales and shipping.  

Which were the best moments for you  her  so far as an artist?

The most wonderful thing was the unexpected success we met. As a family business we cannot finance advertisements but more blogs, magazines could pick up our team and pendants by our social media presence.

What advice would you give to other artist who is just starting out?

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