Sunday, July 4, 2010

erika kutine horvath - the folk artist from kalocsa

Erika is a painter woman in the area of Kalocsa .She learnt how to paint these flowers in her village from an old painter woman .

Erika has been working in tourism for years and she was able to demonstrate this folk art to thousands of visitors . Sometimes tourists have special requests  though body. painting is not typical ...How old were you when first time the idea of being an artist came up ?

I was 21 when I had been married for a year .

Could you tell us about what kind of floral art you do ?

I paint Hungarian floral motifs typically from the South . It is also called kalocsai.
Floral motifs like roses , carnations , forget-me-nots ,violets ,wheat flowers ,red peppers I make compostions of them .

But I am open to any other floral patterns, but then it is no longer kalocsai topic.

Who inspired and/ or taught you ?

It was my husband who inspired me and my teacher was Mrs. Boldizsar Gaborne auntie Julis (Julis neni) a master folk artist
who had selflessly taught me .

How often do you paint ?

I used to paint daily since I had been employed by a tour agency but since I am out of work
I do not paint as often .

Which were the best moments  for you so far as an artist ?

When I painted daily and I met returning tourists - getting feedback daily was really a great
joy .I was shown on tv and it used to be a real ego booster .

Which ones were the hardest moments ?

I applied for the title of master folk artist in Budapest and I was refusedon the ground
that wall painting is not a recognised type of folk art .It is widely practised in the villages but according to the bureaucrats it is not art.

What are you working on at the moment ?
I do comissioned work like wall painting ,wooden furniture decoration ,wall paper decoration on stripes etc .

What advice would you give to other floral artist who is just starting out?

Never start with flowers but with geometric shapes .Nature is composed of them - when you are skilled enough
 then you can improve those shapes into flowers .

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