Monday, February 20, 2012

kalocsai floral art pillow

hungarian flowers throwpillow
hungarian flowers by almawad
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  Kalocsai floral motifs, the ingenious vintage throw pillow displayed above was created by a very gifted Zazzle seller named almawad.
Made using high-tech processes, this fully customizable Zazzle throw pillow is sure to look fabulous featuring almawad’s Hungarian flowers image, because it has the perfect surface for printing . It will look cool and will undoubtedly make this artist's Hungarian flowers image a favorite addition to your home.

South Hungarian floral folk art motifs radiating joy and passion .Exciting piece of art with stylized blooming flowers .Colorful tulips ,acacia blossoms against dark blue in rustic style .Decorative ethnic art for her . Especially great for moms with Hungarian heritage .

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grandma's Napkins

Grandma's Napkins by Mike Schmid
Grandma's Napkins, a photo by Mike Schmid on Flickr.
beautiful vintage pattern with pinkish red flowers - free commercial use - visit the original  page to see the status of the image and to download

Beach Flower-Power Pillow Covers

Sit back and relax on your patio this summer with a 60's inspired Red Flower Outdoor Pillow Covers. This pattern will pop on any patio decor, reverses to same fabric.
showering red flowers throwpillow
showering red flowers by almawad
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Put together using high-tech processes, this Zazzle custom throw pillow will look exceptional with almawad’s floral pattern image, with the perfect surface for embellishment, this Zazzle throw pillow is enjoyable.

Beautiful White Orchids Design Spiral Notebooks

Notebook, featuring a beautiful white orchid design border. Fully customizable!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

from Mechanical Engineering to Flowers - the story of a floral artist

A retired mechanical engineer in Hungary was extremely bored at home .When he retired, he suddenly does not know what to do eight hours a day ...He had seen some female relatives doing the kalocsai style lacework when he decided he would try it himself .That is how Boján Imre became a recognised artist of this type of folk art .

Some quotes from his autobiography:

After I retired I had had a lot more free time than before, and I wished to spend it in a useful way . My two sister-in-laws recommended this kalocsai style lacework - this is what they have cultivated at a high level. At first I found the idea strange, because until then when the button came off my shirt, it was not fixed by me .I did not sew and I never touched a needle for whatever reason. But then I thought that I must show to the world that what a woman can do, a man is able to do as well.

And when I tried it for the first time then result was rather clumsy , but the operation itself was successful. I knew that this was made for me and I became committed to this art. In fact I'm obsessed. Because I knew that practice makes perfect, I kept diligently practicing and got to the point that I have had six exhibitions with great success.

The high quality of my artwork was certified by the Jury of Applied Arts and by the Jury of Heritage House in Hungary .

The respect for traditions has never confined me to the soulless copy of existing objects . The artist is always adding to this work from the individuality of his own and contributes to the development of new techniques and materials as well.
The traditional style is handmade embroidery surrounded with white lacework made by scissors and old type of sewing machine .I improved a new technique where the flowers were made of lacework as well .I also create less traditional gifts like: bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks, coasters, etc.

His works range from small, unique gift objects to large table linens. He creates and I lives in the city of Debrecen ,Hungary. You will find his works at the Hortobágy National Park Craft Courtyard creative workshop.

His page

His mobile phone :+36703293817

The original Hungarian text was translated by Alma Wad .Congratulation to  the artist to this wonderful art and attitude .