Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pink Wild Flowers - digital painting - free download

I found  this charming pink wildflower illustration on Flickr . The American game Birds  is the name of the book where this floral image was published in 1912 . The artist name was Chester A. Reed - it is a flower from East Rockies . No wonder that I do not know its name ! It is a free image courtesy of the Internet Archive Book Images After that I turned it into a digital painting . I offer it for you for free download - you can use it for personal or commercial purposes. ( NO redistribution) There is so much warmth and beauty in this pink flower!It reflects selflessness and tenderness . Great at her bedroom as a poster or canvas print .

How to paint magnolia blossoms - STEP by STEP

I feel we are so lucky when we can find such videos teaching us for free how to paint ! just we need a device that can reach youtube and we can learn at the comfort of our home !

Friday, January 23, 2015

Colorful Roses collection

colorful roses in a vase - digital painting by Alma Wad -based on a vintage image - it is printed all over those items above : a sweatshirt dress , an eco bag , a bandana

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coral pink roses -free download

I found some antique image of coral pink roses on the Flickr . Image from page 108 of "Rose gardening; how to manage roses and enjoy them" (1922) Then I edited it and turned into a digital painting - if you like it then you can use it for personal or commercial project (not for redistribution )
- /   coral pink roses express heat and burning passion /a desire to turn friendship into love/  anyway it can send the message of brightness and optimism in case you used this image for any project - then please send me a link /photo - it is not a must - just it would make me happy  - art by alma wad  - the owner of this bog SEE SOME PRODUCTS WITH THIS DESIGN