Monday, September 19, 2011

Interview with a floral artist - Olga Hutsul

Olga Hutsul

How old were you when first time the idea of being an artist came up ?

Just something that I loved to do since I was a child.

Could you tell us about what kind of floral art you do ?
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All my art is based on my photography. In order to enhance the natural beauty I use different techniques in image processing software

Who inspired or taught you ?

I was inspired by a number of great artists such as Salvador Dali, Caravaggio, Dutch painters, of course there were different influences throughout my life. And there seems to be no end to this process, on a rainy day you will always find me in a nearest bookstore going through books and books of art.

Unfortunately there has never been a teacher...
How often do you create?

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Over the past year almost everyday. The secret of improving your art is in practicing it...

Which were the best moments for you so far as an artist?

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The best moments are when your vision is all coming together, and when you look at your work you can say with the relief – this is it.

Which were the worst ones?

The worst moments are attempts to find acknowledgement...

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What advice would you give to other artist who is just starting out?

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Practice as often as you can, and do seek professional advice. It is so easy to get comfortable with your own mistakes. It is good for peace of mind, but not for perfecting your skill...
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