Friday, February 26, 2016


Image from page 311 of "Field and woodland plants" (1909) Vintage botanical illustration - Field and woodland plants : 1909 (1900s) Extract from the book : VII. FLOWERS OF THE CORNFIELD. 1. Long Smooth-headed Poppy. 2. Field Scabious. 3. Corn Cockle. 4. Corn Marigold. 5. Flax. 6. Corn Pheasants-eye. XVII IN THE CORN FIELD The flowers included in the present chapter are to be found principally in cultivated fields ; but since they are more particularly associated with corn crops, or occur- so commonly in those fields in which grain is one of the products included in the rotation adopted,we separate them from the other flowers of the field, and consider them under the above head. It will be observed that the majority of the flowers thus dealt with are summer-bloomers that flower while the ears of corn are filhng out, and consequently are in fruit at the time of harvest.Hence, when the corn is cut, their seeds are shaken from the ripe fruits, or the fruits are themselves levelled to the ground, with the result that those which are not ploughed too deeply into the soil spring up almost in the same position in the following season.

I edited the picture above and got a high-resolution image . I offer it for anyone for free download to use them on their websites /POD -es/various craft projects .
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