Friday, February 19, 2016

Oriental rug design in light colors - bathroom collection

The photo of an Oriental rug in light colors  is printed on this bath collection - illustration from a 1922 published book - ""Oriental rugs, antique and modern" (1922)- it was edited and applied on these items by Alma Wad .

  This is a bath mat :
Oriental rug in light colors bath mats see matching shower curtain :
Oriental rug in light colors shower curtain see matching bath set :
Oriental rug in light colors -monogram toothbrush holder see matching bathroom scale :
Description of the pattern from the antique book " "CHINESE RUG :This large Chinese carpet represents some of the best workmanship of the Keen-lung period. In it are shown the graceful drawing of leaf,fruit, flower, and butterfly, and the dainty colouring of blue, yellow,brown, and apricot on a field of ivory that are so characteristic of this time. The usual balance of designs throughout the field is maintained with precision; but, as is not always the case, different motives occupy corresponding positions. Thus a cluster of leaves and fruit may bebalanced with a cluster of leaves and flowers. The conventional draw-ing of the corners and the somewhat formal panel that surrounds the central medallion give to the pattern strength of character while they detract nothing from its beauty." source : Title: Oriental rugs, antique and modern Year: 1922 (1920s) Authors: Hawley, W. A. (Walter Augustus), 1863-1920 Subjects: Rugs, Oriental Publisher: New York, Dodd, Mead

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